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Posted by on May 13, 2014 in MLB | 0 comments

MLB: What to watch

MLB: What to watch

By Paul Houlemarde

Miami Marlins vs. Los Angeles Dodgers –The three game series will showcase some of the best raw

talent that baseball has to offer – Giancarlo Stanton (24), Jose Fernandez (21), and Yasiel Puig (23).

Stanton will make a return to L.A. where he was a standout high school athlete from the Sherman Oaks

area. He brings with him the league lead in home runs (11), two ahead of the Dodger’s Adrian Gonzalez.

As for Fernandez and Puig, it’s an intriguing matchup, two travelled Cubans, each with their

own unique flair – Puig’s bat flip and Fernandez’s confident smirk. Both defected from Cuba and have

overcome numerous obstacles to become two of the most feared players in baseball. One would be

hard pressed to think of a more dramatic matchup in baseball. In fact, their last meeting featured an

intense stare down, followed by a sharp single in which Puig flipped his bat. A bat flip on a single seems

unnecessary, but it’s just a tribute to the intensity the two Cubans display.

There will be no shortage of passion and power at Chavez Ravine this series. The best part? Vin

Scully will be there to narrate it all. Who better to document baseball’s premier young talent than the

man who’s seen some of the all-time greats take the field? So as Vin says “Pull up a chair.”

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